Where You Are Right Now

Where you are right now is God's place for you. 
1 Corinthians 7:17

So many times I question if I've made the right life decisions. I wonder if I'm really where I'm supposed to be in my life, which right now is staying at home caring for one chubby baby, doing school runs and grocery shopping and cleaning up messes. I felt the same way when I worked full time as a school counselor and spent many hours in meetings and doing paperwork. I questioned whether I was doing enough in the world. There was always some bigger "out there" I imagined that I should be doing to make my life really count.

This verse reminds me that there is no other place we are supposed to be. There is no boat that we missed. We are not lost on some path without purpose or end. The place we are in this moment-it's the right place!