Love from the Center of Who You Are

This painting is inspired by my reflection of Romans 12:9
"Love from the center of who you are."

The rest of the verse goes on to say, "Don't fake it!"

I've been thinking about this verse for a few days, what it means to love from our center, and how often it is easier to fake it. Loving from the center takes presence. It takes paying real attention to what is in front of us. It takes shutting down all our physical and mental distractions and saying Here I am...Just here, right now, for you.

For me this weekend, it's been about coming into my real life and not staying "safe" in my house. Going across the street to the neighborhood Halloween party-where I know NO ONE...yes.
Going to the Bible study I've never been to and sitting across the table from someone I'm just getting to know...yes.
Going in to do bedtime hugs and kisses when I'd rather just stay on the couch...yes.